University of Calgary

Laura Jurgens

  • Sessional Instructor (starts on Jul 1, 2024)

Teaching Experience

University of Calgary

RELS 399 - Religion in Popular Culture: Watching Film Religiously

RELS 369 - Introduction to Judaism

RELS 205 - Religion and the Good Life

RELS 201 - Jews, Christians, and Muslims

RELS 200 - Religious Myths and Worldviews

HUM 554 - Journey Through Western Christianity

Mount Royal University

RELS 3302 - Selected Topics: Religion and Mythology

RELS 3302 - Selected Topics: Sex, Sexuality, and Religion

RELS 2253 - Christianity

Memorial University of Newfoundland

RELS 2180 - Jerusalem and the Politics of Sacred Space

RELS 1001 - Critical Reading & Writing: Religion and Violence

CLAS 1052 - Heroes in Classical Mythology

CLAS 1051 - Gods in Classical Mythology


Jurgens, Laura. “Katharina von Bora Luther: The Morning Star of Wittenberg.” In Women Reformers: Protestant Voices in Early Modern Europe, edited by Kirsi Stjerna. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2022. (Forthcoming)

Jurgens, Laura. “Understanding Research Methodology: Social History and the Reformation Period in Europe.” Religions - Special Issue on The Premodern Mind: Scientific and Religious Thought from the Middle Ages to the Reformation (Guest Editor: Scott Hendrix) 12, no. 6 (2021): 370.

Jurgens, Laura. Martin Luther and Women: Theology and Lived Experience. New York: Peter Lang, 2020. 

Jurgens, Laura. “Women in Luther’s Life and Theology: Scholarship in Recent Years.” Religions - Special Issue on Luther, Theology, and Feminism (Guest Editor: Kirsi Stjerna) 11, no. 2 (2020): 68.


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