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Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies

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We promote the study of Buddhism in undergraduate and graduate programs, and further research into this multi-faceted religion that is practiced in every part of the world.

Current Chair

Dr. Wendi Adamek

Dr. Wendi AdamekWendi L. Adamek is Associate Professor in the Department of Classics and Religion at the University of Calgary and holder of the Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies. Her research interests include medieval Chinese Buddhism, Buddhist archeology, and living systems theory. Her forthcoming book Practicescape: The Buddhists of Baoshan centers on a seventh-century community in Henan, China. Previous publications include The Mystique of Transmission: On an Early Chan History and its Contexts (AAR Award for Excellence in Textual Studies, 2008) and The Teachings of Master Wuzhu (2011). Born in Hawai’i, she earned her degrees at Stanford University and has held research fellowships at Kyoto University (Fulbright), Peking University (NEH, Fulbright), the Stanford Humanities Center, and the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.


The Numata Chair is named for Dr. Yehan Numata (1897-1994), chairman of the Mitutoyo Manufacturing Company. A devout Buddhist, Dr. Numata believed that the dissemination of the Buddhist teachings would be beneficial to humanity; he made the international promotion of Buddhism a lifelong project.

The Numata Endowment sponsored international scholars who resided at the University of Calgary for one term or longer to teach, conduct research, and give public lectures from 1988 to 2006. Since 2008, the Chair has been a tenured position.

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Past chairholders

  • Akira Yuyama: Sept. – Dec. 1988
  • Michael Hahn: Jan. – April 1991
  • James Boyd: Sept. – Dec. 1991
  • Charles Prebish: Sept. – Dec. 1993
  • Paul Williams: Jan. – April 1994
  • Tom Tillemans: Sept. – Dec. 1995
  • Shoryu Katsura: Sept. – Dec. 1996
  • K.L. Dhammajoti: Jan. – April 2000
  • John Clifford Holt: Sept. – Dec. 2000
  • T. Tillemans: Jan. – April 2001
  • Y. Karunadasa: Sept. – Dec. 2001
  • Charles Willemen: Sept. – Dec. 2001 | Sept. – June 2003/04
  • Eva Neumair: Sept. – Apr. 2004/05
  • John Clifford Holt: Sept. – Dec. 2006


Recentering Buddhist Cosmology: Concepts of Geographic Space in Ritual and Art

Dr. Eric Huntington, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ho Center for Buddhist Studies, Stanford University

Friday, November 3rd, 2017  |  3:00-4:30pm

SS 541


Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies
Department of Classics & Religion
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4


Chairholder: Dr. Wendi Adamek
Office: Social Sciences 520
Phone: (403) 220-3073
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