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Wigham Family Scholarship Recipient Presentations 2018

Date & Time:
September 14, 2018 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
SS 541
Student presenters Matthew Munro and Hailey Schraeder

An Introduction to the ‘Villa of Titus’ and the Archaeology of the Velino Valley
Matthew Munro

As one travels the modern Via Salaria in the Velino Valley it’s impossible to miss the monumental structure known locally as the ‘Villa of Titus’. Situated on a narrow terrace above the valley floor, this structure is part of a historic landscape through which modern inhabitants draw connections to the Sabines, the Pelasgians, the Romans, and, more notoriously, twentieth century fascism. Local community representatives are attempting to develop this historic landscape so to revitalize tourism in the Rieti region.

However, despite its monumental architecture and proximity to both the Via Salaria and a sacred Sabine lake, little is known about the ‘Villa of Titus’. Local sources claim the structure belonged to the Flavian dynasty, however there is no material evidence to support the claim conclusively. In May and June of 2018, preliminary archaeological investigations were conducted at the ‘Villa of Titus’ to determine its function, ownership, and state of preservation. This presentation will offer an introduction to the history and archaeology of the Velino Valley and the results of these excavations, with special focus on the Roman period and how this project relates to the study of the post-Roman period in Italy.

Matthew Munro is a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology.

Ancient Athletes and Arete: An Overseas Odyssey
Hailey Schraeder

Earlier this summer, I was a participant in the Sport and Culture in Ancient Greece group study program. During the course of this trip we were prompted to complete several projects with an emphasis on ancient sport and it’s practice, such as curating and analyzing a collection of artifacts to illustrate ancient representations of sport. My particular focus was on the ancient Greek concept of arete (excellence) and how various artifacts and depictions of sport emphasized this virtue.

In our exploration of ancient culture, we submerged ourselves by hosting educational symposium nights for our fellow students. I also kept a travel journal documenting the locations we visited, ruminating on the benefits of studying at the sites where history occurred. During my presentation I will share excerpts from the projects undertaken as well as read selections from the travel journal to demonstrate how my research and learning contributed to my growth throughout the trip.

Hailey Schraeder is an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, with a Minor in Greek and Roman Studies.