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Nickle Galleries Numismatic Collection

Submitted by sharla.mann on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 11:34am

The Nickle Coin Collection

Numismatic Collection
Nickle Galleries
Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary

The Nickle Galleries’ Numismatic Collection is the largest and most important academic coin collection in Canada, and a rich teaching and research resource for the University of Calgary’s students and faculty. The collection consists of 23,000 artifacts spanning from the beginning of coinage in the 6th century BCE to the modern period, including ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Jewish, Islamic, ethnographic and modern currencies. The core of the collection comprises of 10,000 ancient Greek and 6,000 Roman coins.

Ancient money represents a vital source of information on history, cultures and religions, and offers a unique line of inquiry allowing students to experience direct connection with the past. The interdisciplinary approach that combines historical record and material culture creates new insights, thus contributing to the existing concepts in the studies of classics and religion. In collaboration with the Department of Classics and Religion, the Nickle Galleries provides direct access to ancient artifacts, and offers an interactive and collaborative research environment. In addition, the Nickle collection is supported by a large selection of numismatic books and periodicals housed in the University’s Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) and The High Density Library (HDL).

Possible research areas:

  • Ancient history
  • Art history
  • Architecture
  • Ancient medicine
  • Mythology and religion
  • Cultural identity
  • Ancient languages
  • Ancient technology and metallurgy
  • Economics
  • Metrology
  • Classical archeology



Marina Fischer

Collection Specialist, Numismatics

Marina Fischer is Collection Specialist for Numismatics at the Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary. She holds an M.A. in Ancient History with a specialization in Art History from the University of Calgary, and her research focuses on ancient Greek and Roman coinage. Marina is also an Instructor with Continuing Education, and is a recipient of 2018 University of Calgary Teaching Award.

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