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About the Department of Classics and RelgionThe department of Classics and Religion is a strong teaching and research unit that offers degree programs in Greek and Roman Studies and Religious Studies.

To understand the modern world we need to know its historical foundations and traditions. Most modern fields of thought, belief and creativity began and developed in Ancient and Medieval times; Greek and Roman Studies provides an exciting immersion in this period. Religions are complex systems of spiritual and social engagement that play a major role in the life of communities and individuals. Religious Studies analyses the history, nature and role of religion in society and promotes open and engaged study of the world’s great religious traditions.

Our students develop skills in critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, oral and written communication, and research analysis and synthesis. Graduates have gone on to rewarding and exciting careers in fields such as education, library science, religious and non-profit organizations, government, social work, conflict resolution, archival work, museum curation, tourism, and communications.